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Higher Education

InterAcadem provide foreign students an opportunity to pursue their higher education in various Universities of Russia. We provide assistance at every stage of the admission starting from identifying the university till facilitating the adaptation and settling-in of the student in his new environment. For further information on our services, please call us or live your message here :

The program is designed for international undergraduates and second-education enrollees willing to obtain higher medical education in Russia.
We offer a complete package, related with pre-entry education, passing entry exams to medical universities.
-          I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (MSMU)
-          The Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov (RNRMU)
-          Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia – Medical faculty
-          Medical University in Voronezh, from $2500 per year

1) Guaranteed entry to one of the universities represented.
2) Organization of Student Accommodation  
3) Admission to the course of Russian as a foreign language with the issuance of a student visa  
4) organization of training courses (Chemistry, Biology, Russian) to pass the entry exams. Classes are conducted individually with regard to  the level of knowledge of each student.  
5) Support the learning process (attendance control, monitoring performance, help in selecting a tutor, addressing current issues ...
Pre-college training program is designed for a period of three months to one academic year.
Approximate fees: 
Russian lessons    Terms          Begining               Price

Short Course       3 months    Every Monday   from  6000r per week

Long courses       Academic year    September 1    195.000 - 378.000r

Academic programs - from 300 000 roubles/year ( app. 4500 USD).

Registration fee :           7500 r.  (Visa Inc.)
Service fees:                  35 000 r. (about 500 USD)