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Education in Cyprus

One of the positive legacies of British imperial period is the tradition to maintain cultural ties and connections' framework between Cyprus and Albion, Britain. In regard to our interest, it is education system, and, especially so, what was inherited by Cyprus education system from Britain, past and present. With well kept traditions of British schools, colleges and universities. Naturally, the academic language in such institutions is English.

Colleges and Universities in Cyprus  have years of experience in teaching students from different countries. All training programs and methods are tailor-made and designed to meet the standards of the European College of Education. Professors have sufficient experience in teaching foreign students.

Economy cost of education  is one of the important reason to study in Cyprus. One year of the bachelor program varies from 3 000 to 8 000 Euros.
Our company offers English language courses and academic programs in Nicosia, Ayia-Napa and Limassol.

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