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Voronezh Medical University - from $2500 per year

Great surgeon N. Burdenko directly involved in the organization of the Faculty of Medicine in Voronezh University. The faculty formed an independent academy. Now it’s called Voronezh State Medical Academy of Burdenko (VSMA). It’s one of the oldest educational institutions of Russia. Academy prepares excellent experts in the field of medicine.

VSMA is placed in the top 3 higher medical Academy of Russia. It was founded in 1802. The Academy is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, 9th Edition, published by the World Health Organization. VSMA is well-coordinated with the German Medical Association. It has educated 1200 specialists from 28 countries. International students are offered training in the following programs: «General Medicine», «Pediatrics», «Dentistry» and «Pharmacy».

Here we have
-    5 educational buildings with well equipped labs
-    Dental clinic
-    Hospitals
-    5 student dormitory buildings
-    Library
-    Sport centers
-    Program includes
-    Lectures, seminars and practice.

Assessment of knowledge
-    Tests and exams at the end of each semester.

-    Dormitories located in the city centre.
Annual medical insurance is NECESSARY(not included in the tuition fee).
To enter the Russian Federation a foreign citizen must present a passport and visa. We help foreign nationals to obtain a visa .

Higher education:
General Medicine
- in Russian - from $2500 per year;
- in English - from $3200 per year.

Pediatry, dentology, in Russian - from $3200 per year

Please all questions and applications via e-mail: